Back our Red Bay Coffee Kickstarter to launch a new Coffee Bar. Workers keep 100% profits. You get #mybagofbeautiful. Support in three clicks. We’ll reach our goal because you backed and shared! Take a few seconds to spread the Red Bay love.

We thank you beautiful people!
Keba and the entire Red Bay Team

Beautiful Coffee To The People

  • Micro-roasted batches


    We roast small batches in our garden coffee roasting lab, affectionately known as the “Coffee Dojo.”

  • Single origin


    We believe in creating lasting, meaningful and fair relationships with our farmers.

  • Made with love


    We love what we do, and know you’ll taste it in every sip.

The Founding 100

People need quality jobs. We’re not sitting on the sidelines. It helps to know that many of you are also out there making it happen. We’re glad to be contributing to the momentum. That’s why we launched this Kickstarter. Our founding team has a long history of collaborative community projects, and we see this as our most ambitious and impact focused collaboration to date. To achieve our goal, we’re going to need your help!

We’re asking you to join a group we’re loving calling The Founding 100! Over 40 people community members have already joined the Founding 100 with a pledge of at least $100.  Would you consider backing us too?

These 100 represent a communal founding commitment to bringing better and more equitable jobs in Oakland. Also, we’re offering beautiful and unique gifts in exchange for your support. Please join our effort to launch a profit-sharing coffee bar and collectively we can transform low-wages job in the Bay Area and beyond!