(A) The unique homes of graphite rods

Graphite poles has the complying with features

( 1) heat resistance: graphite poles melting point of 3850 ± 50 ℃, the boiling point of 4250 ℃, also if the ultra-high temperature arc burning, weight management is really small, coefficient of thermal development is little. Graphite poles toughness raised with enhancing temperature level, at 2000 ℃, the graphite toughness doubled.

Graphite Pipe

( 2) Conductive, thermal conductivity: the conductivity of graphite than non-metallic mineral a hundred times greater. Thermal conductivity is far better than steel, iron, lead and also other metal products. Thermal conductivity decreases with boosting temperature, even at extremely high temperatures, the graphite was insulation.

( 3) Lubricity: graphite lubrication depends upon the size of graphite ranges, the larger the scale, the smaller sized the friction coefficient, the far better the lubrication efficiency. (4) Chemical stability: Graphite at space temperature level with great chemical stability, can resist to acid, antacid and organic solvent deterioration.

( 5) plasticity: good toughness of graphite can be squashed right into slim pieces.

( 6) thermal shock resistance: graphite used in heat can hold up against the drastic modifications in temperature level without damage, temperature mutation, the graphite volume adjustment is not big, will certainly not generate splits.

B) the primary applications

As the graphite rods with the unique properties, so in metallurgy, equipment, petroleum, chemical, nuclear market, national protection and also various other areas are extensively made use of, the main application is:

( 1) Refractories: In the smelting sector, graphite is generated to graphite crucible for the security of steel ingot, smelting heater for the lining of the magnesium-carbon block.

( 2) Conductive products: In the electrical market, the considerable use graphite as electrodes, brushes, poles, carbon tubes and also television image tube covering.

( 3) wear-resistant products as well as lubes: in numerous mechanical tools, usage graphite as wear-resistant and also lubricating materials, can be -200 ~ 2000 ℃ temperature series of 100m/ s speed gliding, with or without lubricating substance.

( 4) Securing materials: adaptable graphite for centrifugal pumps, turbines, vapor turbines as well as harsh media transmission devices, piston ring gaskets, seals and so forth.

( 5) corrosion-resistant materials: graphite containers, pipelines and also devices, can withstand a range of corrosive gases and fluid deterioration, commonly used in oil, chemical, hydrometallurgy and also various other divisions.

( 6) Insulation, heat, radiation materials: graphite can be used as atomic power plants in the neutron mediator and also the rocket nozzle, missile nose cone, aerospace devices components, insulation products, anti-radiation products.

Pyrolytic Graphite

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